Gratitude (Alot of Nerve)

by Mic Familiar

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This is my award speech.....


Gratitude (A lot of nerve) Lyrics © 12/13/2015

Thank you walls for reminding me
Of privacy and how odd it can be just chill in my mind and breathe
Thank you space for designing me
a place to play in for tropic debris to lay in as property
Bed you're my favorite arguably
Though I toss and turn in the mythos of baggage that I've brought with me
Must be overwrought from the details
Each fall and "come to see" fails
Physics will always prevail
Floor with your dirt and assorted tales
You hold me up from all of the cement and nails
Short distances stumbling
Such a privilege presumptuously and for means I gotta pay
Above water candidly float or portray
Steep and keep my dignity another day
Thinking on those last rhymes there's more to say
Door you've been a blast now open up the way.

Walking ball of flesh son
Now how's that for gratitude?
Got a lot of nerve
And it's just a Tuesday
Can't help but thank the stars in such a rude way

Thank you death for keeping it amazing
Thank you for showing me that I am not the only one you're chasing
Thank you showers for q way of
Washing away the decay plus
The dead skin I flake up
Thank you plumbing for reminding me
Of the shit you put with and what liquor I put inside of me
Though uncalled for and expensive to muster
You do your job well and leave me little room for wonder
To the bad characters especially starving artists
You teach me more than what I could attain in any college
Headphones thank you for allowing me
The gift of setting to music the comedy daily surrounding me
With a thick sense of affluence
No longer are we trapped in the lack of sense unscathed we all come back from it
And my heart that's where you come in
Thank you for acting as my reasoning's rufilin to use again

Walking ball of flesh son
Now how's that for gratitude?
Got a lot of nerve
And it's just a Tuesday
Can't help but thank the stars in a rude way

To the Windows for displaying my madness
My shouts, that loud and all of tunes that I'm blasting
Thank you phone for the ability of invisibility and visibility simultaneously
the world is large can't lose any contact
For when I'm swinging for the trees
Not seeing meadows beyond that
Thank you Internet for redefining intellect
However widening visions get you prod with bigger sets
Clothes for covering my shame
Identification representing integrity of my name
3 parking tickets paid for
Better thank all the swipes for ending up as bad decisions later
Thank you raps for allowing me to spit this
And my spit for its stickiness as It hits the ground and I witness
Thank the watchers for having your opinion
For thinking it's not music and throwing your two cents in
Oh and thank the fam for putting up with me
For encouraging my recovery and importantly loving me
Thank New Jersey for molding me
And New York City Brooklyn born with a brief deformity
None defeats maturity
It just beats discerningly
Cc the majority
There's no outperforming me
Thank you Richard Sherman


Music and Lyrics by Mic Familiar @ 2015
Engineered by Daniel Garcia (of Through the Air Studios)



all rights reserved


Mic Familiar Los Angeles, California

Hip Hop artist/Producer straight out of The Garden State. His music can best be described as an "interesting manipulation of sounds alongside cerebral lyrics"

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